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Welcome to the Real Tom Holland Butchers

Honest, quality, local meat, to your door.

 That’s what The Real Tom Holland Butchers are all about. High quality British produce, locally sourced, fully traceable and delivered to the local area – just as it should be.

There’s no need to buy from elsewhere, when you have produce this good, right on your doorstep – literally!

“I am proud to be a butcher, always willing to learn more. I want to share my passion for quality ingredients with with my customers”

Standards that meet yours...

We only source high-quality, local, British meat. It’s that simple – so you can relax, we’ve got this covered.

Our products

We offer a wide range of meats and cuts, why not browse our delicious range below and see what takes your fancy?








What our clients say

Proper Bacon...

Tom makes the BEST bacon, proper bacon, like it used to taste! I won't buy bacon from anywhere else now and I was pleasantly surprised by the cost, it's a no-brainer for me.
Angie Davies

Best pork chops...

The best pork chops I’ve ever had and Tom makes 6oz steak burgers which are delicious and a firm favourite.
Sue Dawson

Smokey bacon

Thick cut, smokey bacon, crisps up really well and very little water in the pan. This is the bacon you want in your butty!
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